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8/2022 - Mike M. - Plano, TX

I am so fortunate to have had a person as knowledgeable and experienced as Guy Lauten to resurrect and maintain my three TEAC vintage tape decks. I use them a lot and my house is filled with the beautiful music I love. Guy recently kept me from losing my favorite deck by engineering and installing an electronic switch for a broken mechanical system that could not be replaced in an X- model. Guy is thorough and fair with careful attention to both the deck unit and your billfold. Try him, youll like him!

3/2018 - Mark A. - Lewisville, TX

Guy, thank you for bringing my Pioneer SX-850 back to life. Once again it is singing like brand new. Your estimate was spot on, you kept me informed along the way and did a super job.

8/2015 - Bill H. - Dallas, TX

Guy has worked on two pieces of equipment for me during the past two years: a Plinius SB-301 power amp and an Elemental Designs subwoofer. In both cases, he was able to quickly diagnose the problem despite having no access to schematics, and quoted me a very fair price for the repairs. He also did a great job keeping me informed of the status of his work. Both units are now performing flawlessly, and I would not hesitate to seek Guy's assistance in fixing any piece of equipment, not matter how rare or esoteric.

11/2016 - Guy S. - Bells, TX

Guy brought back to life an early 60's GE tube stereo for me. His work was second to none! He communicated every step of the way and the price was very reasonable. I can't say enough about his work. The stereo looks and sounds incredible. I recommend Guy to every one I come across that needs electronic repair. I have since acquired a late 70's Fisher receiver that will be going to Guy for a refurbishing soon.

8/2014 - Clinton K. - Dallas, TX

Guy repaired my 1970s Marantz 2270 receiver in July 2014 after I messed it up. I was looking for a good electronics repair shop in the DFW area, but I was coming up short. Everyone was either a DLP lamp repairer or iPhone glass repairer. Luckily, I found Guy on Craigslist, and emailed him about my issue. Some of the things that impressed me about Guy were his prompt and professional responses and how well he communicated and documented the repairs and transaction. He had my Marantz diagnosed, repaired, and returned to me in a week! The price was fair and the repair fast. I would definitely recommend bringing your gear to Guy for repairs.

6/2014 - Steve W. - Fort Worth, TX

Guy worked on my Pioneer Elite M90 amplifier back in March of this year. The unit is still working perfectly and enjoyed weekly. I was impressed with the transparency of the whole process. Clear communications, concise estimate of work needed and reasonable fees. Quality of the work was excellent as was the turnaround time. I am very satisfied with my experience and hope you have continued success so you are available when I need your services again. I won't hesitate to call when I do. Thanks.

10/2013 - Jeffery T. - Dallas, TX

May I take this opportunity to commend Guy Lauten on the quality work he has done for me. I happen to love vintage audio gear. I just love the sound of it. Part of my collection is my old tape recorders. I have a Teac A3340S four track and a Teac A6300 I use to mix down. I also have the Teac mixer designed for these decks, the M5. When I began to start hearing noises I did not want, I took them to Guy. He cleaned up the mixer, and set the bias on both tape machines. You should hear them now. Clean. My next project for Guy will be my old tube guitar amp. I could go on for hours, a lot like when he and I talk about sound equipment. If you have ANY audio equipment needing repairs or a tune up, Guy is your man. And if you are lucky enough to talk a little with him, he has had some great memories.

9/2016 - Ralph R. - Red Oak, TX.

Searching for a reliable, professional and reasonable source for service and repair on our newly acquired Akai X-200D reel to reel, we found Guy Lauten through Craigslist. For us, a look at a photo of his workbench convinced us to contact him . Guy was very quick to respond. We found him knowledgeable, informative and to the point. The Akai is now a real performer. Soon after, I picked up a Pioneer CT-F7272 cassette deck. After Guy agreed that this was a unit well worth the effort (he will tell you if it is not!), we packaged and shipped the deck to him. After service and repair he carefully repackaged the unit and made sure the pickup was made. The deck is another gem. Mr. Lauten thoroughly tests and adjusts the units, making sure to let you know which tape he prefers and has "tweaked" the machine for. Highly recommended!

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